A Quick ‘In-between-Articles’ Article

I will begin by admitting once again that, yes, I am terrible when it comes to getting around to updating this blog. I seem to find myself either writing or doing research for my new book most of the time, and so often seem to have half-written articles kicking about that evade getting published. And so to anyone who frequently follows my articles, you have my apologies. This may not be a problem for much longer, however, as I am currently working on developing a clone who will hopefully soon be able to write them for me…

Now that my blogging confessions are over, I’d like to finally finish by sending out another big thank you to all of my new and past readers. Your inquisitive emails and kind comments about my work really are appreciated, always driving me to push that much further with my writing. To know that so many people have enjoyed and taken something new away from my book is truly the best feeling for me as a writer. So in this respect, I couldn’t be happier.

And that’s it. In the mean time, while I get together my latest ‘full article’, take care and, as always, keep writing.


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