Weekend Email Woes…

Accidental email deletionYes, unfortunately I did this…

About a week ago I accidentally deleted my whole inbox, and since my email provider didn’t have a trash can, it looks like I won’t ever be seeing those messages again. Following the tragedy, I invested a good few days trying to recover them, but it looks like I’m just going to have to face the music. (I have now moved over to a much more robust email provider – one with an actual trash can)

What’s this article got to do with writing or fiction, then? Well, absolutely nothing.

Almost, anyway.

The real reason I wanted to post this article was to apologise to anyone who had sent me a query which I’d then gone on to permanently erase. I did notice – before I obliterated hundreds of emails – that there were a fair number of queries which I was yet to reply to. If you still haven’t received a response, chances are, one of those emails was from you. Sorry!

However, if you would still like your question answered, I’d be more than happy to respond if you resend your original message.

Have a fantastic weekend, everyone,

Sidney Knight

(Author and walking IT disaster)

Alex Sidney Knight Amazon UK            Alex Sidney Knight Amazon US


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