A Big, Big Thank You to Two Alex Readers

Recently a couple of my readers, Ida and Lilly, emailed in to point out something I had forgotten to include at the back of Alex: Reading Group Questions. And they were absolutely right – I had forgotten all about writing them. (Working on my new novel and looking after my visiting in-laws at the moment is proving to be quite the juggling act!)

Ida and Lilly expressed that the novel should contain a Reading Group Questions section – which I of course, being a mere mortal, found ridiculously flattering. Seriously, it made my day. In the email, I then discovered they had included a number of questions they were going to use at a Reading Group they run, and that they wanted to know my thoughts. This made my week!

After seeing what they had come up with, I was overwhelmed at how deeply they had read the book. The questions were intriguing, and what I loved about them the most was that they were written not by me, but by readers – who obviously had an eye for detail.

I decided the questions would be a great supplement to the final pages of Alex, and so asked the ladies for their permission to include them and to also post them on my blog. And when they soon gave me their blessing, I was both very pleased and grateful.

I want to thank these two lovely ladies for the time they took to contribute an important final piece of Alex. When I get around to adding the questions, I will be sure to give them full writing credit.

The questions themselves will feature in the next article, which I will hopefully post tomorrow.

Ida and Lilly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


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