Why You Need an Author Blog When Online Publishing

Websites & blogs belong together – an up to date, vibrant blog can do wonders for your online publishing presence

Websites & blogs belong together – an up to date, vibrant blog can do wonders for your online publishing presence

A blog is an essential aspect of your website – some might even say it’s more important than the website itself. Readers like to browse an author’s blog for exciting and interesting news, and if it’s kept up to date, they will want to come back. This can create a band of regular, loyal readers, which is fantastic for driving forward your online publishing sales.

So what makes an article interesting?

Well, just imagine all the things you want to know about your favourite author. You might want to know about their craft, writing process, where they get their ideas, etcetera. You might also like to know about competitions, free promotions and upcoming novels.

On my blog I recently posted ten of the most common questions I receive about my own mystery thriller debut, Alex. I also posted some Reading Group Questions written by two of my readers. Not only am I delighted that readers are interested in my book, I’m also pleased that their thoughts and insights have helped create some intriguing blog posts.

Readers like to keep up to speed, so try to keep your blog updated. WordPress offers a great platform for this; blog visitors can voice their thoughts in the Comments section at the foot of your articles, and also chat with other commenters. This helps create discussion around you and your books. This is no bad thing – this ‘book buzz’ can boost your online publishing author profile nicely.

A well-designed blog can provide your readers with easy access to a number of other places you promote your work, all through links and images which run down the side of the page, known as Widgets. Your most recent Twitter activity and a Like button for your Facebook page are quick ways to get readers exploring your online presence while reading your articles.

Categories, most recent articles, archives – this stuff can make your blog seem like an inviting haven of information. If it’s easy to navigate, your readers won’t mind spending time browsing. And with your book’s cover featured, this can lead to sales. Again, this is great online publishing marketing!

I want to add that writing your blog shouldn’t feel like an obligation, but more like something that you enjoy. I know some indie authors complain that updating their blogs is time they’d rather spend working on their new novel, but personally I don’t feel this way. And you shouldn’t have to either.

I’ll tell you why.

When you’re writing a blog article, it’s not novel writing. Sounds obvious, I know – but this is what makes it fun! When you’re writing articles, the pressure is off. Out the room. You don’t have to worry about poetic pose, tight editing and perfect grammar. You’re writing as you – you know, the person you are when not zoned into your novel.

So enjoy it!

If you want to be humorous, you can. It doesn’t matter. Write how you want. Just be you – readers don’t mind this. You are not just a creative writer who lives in the world of fiction – you are a normal human being! You can write about how you burnt your guests’ dinner last night and had to order take-out to resurrect the evening. Silly stuff like that. And yes, maybe this did actually happen to me one night – but your readers don’t mind knowing you’re imperfect!

If anything, it makes you easier to relate to – not a bad thing.

Just remember:

  • novel writing is a work of art – it’s hard, the pressure is on
  • but blog writing is not – it’s easy, the pressure is off (so relax!)

The next article will cover how to get the most out of your blog. If you have any thoughts on this article, please let me know in the Comments below – it would be great to get some feedback! I’m no expert on blogs, but I hope you found my advice useful and can incorporate something worthwhile into your own online publishing journey.

If you’re looking for a refreshing read – a fusion of psychological chills, mystery and romance – you can check out my debut novel, ALEX, which has now sold over 250,000 copies. Just click a cover to find it on Amazon.

Thanks for stopping by!

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