Why You Need to Be a Goodreads Ebook Publishing Author

Goodreads is very simple. In a nutshell, it’s a massive community of readers. And your job as an ebook publishing author is to help them find your novel. I’m not sure of Goodreads’ member count, but it must be in the millions by now. It’s worth your time, in other words, and should be added to your marketing strategy alongside a Blog, Website, Facebook and Twitter.

By becoming a Goodreads Ebook Publishing Author, you can place yourself in a pool of potential readers

By becoming a Goodreads Ebook Publishing Author, you can place yourself in a pool of potential readers

You can think of Goodreads as being like Amazon – but without the selling of books. This place is filled with more than just millions of reviews, it’s also full of group discussions.

It’s ‘Book Lover Central’, and everyone is looking for the next great read to get stuck into, which they can find by looking through their member friends’ current bookshelves, reading lists, reviews, favourite book quotes and authors, and a whole lot more.

For an ebook publishing author on Goodreads, this place is a promotional heaven. You can discuss your work with readers, notify them of free book giveaways and Q&As, and while this is happening, you can find out what they’re looking for in your genre.

You can form strong relationships with these people, build a big following, and before long, the word about your novel will start spreading – especially if a free book promotion is involved.

Putting promoting to one side for a moment, you also shouldn’t overlook the other ways Goodreads can be invaluable to you as an author. Once you’ve told the site what your favourite books are, it has an intuitive system which automatically recommends other similar titles of interest to you.

And so can other friends you add, whether readers or authors. As an ebook publishing author, it’s always important to be reading – though I’ll admit sometimes it can be hard to find the time when writing! – so book recommendations is a very handy, time saving feature not to be neglected on Goodreads.

Through its recommendations I’ve found many a great book I’d never heard of – and the reading and author community is very helpful and friendly, always willing to share their own top book choices with you.

I will soon be posting an article covering how to set up a great Goodreads profile, along with some useful advice on how to get started.

I hope this self-publishing article has summarized the platform’s purpose and tools clearly enough for you – I would be delighted to hear any feedback you might have in the comments section at the foot of the page, so please fire away!

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