Why Kindle Publishing Authors Need to Promote on Facebook

The whole world seems to be on Facebook. This means millions, if not billions of people are interacting with each other as you read this.

Facebook can be a fun Kindle publishing buzz-builder – it’s also free and quick to setup an Author Page

Facebook can be a fun Kindle publishing buzz-builder – it’s also free and quick to setup an Author Page

Facebook is big business, and so naturally it’s not just for chatting. It’s for companies, however big or small, to promote themselves via. Facebook is an enormous hub of news and updates, and a ton of authors have now landed on this free promotional platform – especially the Kindle publishing kind.

If you’re a Facebook detractor and are dreading getting started with this, I feel for you. No, really I do. I used to be in the same boat. (If next door’s dog needed de-worming, I’d sooner do it in place of updating my Facebook author page). I just didn’t understand the draw of the channel at the time.

But when I relaxed a little and stopped worrying so much about ‘what’ I was posting, things got a lot more fun and interesting, and now I enjoy managing my Kindle publishing page.

It’s a bit like writing your website blog – all the time you’re worrying about how you’ll be perceived by readers, it’s difficult to get anything written at all. But once you realise your fans aren’t expecting you to write in impeccable prose, it gets so much easier.

On Facebook you can post short to medium-sized updates for your readers – so there’s more room to express yourself than on, say, Twitter. You can let them know how your new novel is going and how your current one is doing in the charts. Things like that. You can also provide links to interesting new blog posts on your website and ask them for their opinions on a new book cover or subject matter for a new novel.

Asking questions is great. It gets people talking and interacting. How many opportunities does a reader get to talk with a traditionally published author? Not many. Book signings are the only real time, and these don’t happen too often. As a newbie indie author you don’t have this opportunity – so take advantage of Facebook and any other platforms which allow you to interact with readers.

You can also upload interesting pictures to help break up all those text posts. Just imagine how aesthetically displeasing a newspaper would be with no images.

There’s also something you should never forget to do (and in my opinion it’s a golden rule): thank your readers. And it’s important to mean it too. Appreciate these people, for without them your book would remain in the station.

But Facebook isn’t all self-promotion and reader chin-wagging. You can also chat with other Kindle publishing authors and discuss writing, marketing – anything you want. Writing circles, reading groups, free promotion sites, and all sorts of wonderful stuff can be found. My advice is to embrace it all – this is a free networking tool and is very simple to use once you get acquainted.

Thanks for stopping by – I hope you found something useful to take away from this article. If you like, you can find out how to get the most out of Facebook here.

As always, comments please – it would be great to hear your thoughts on this Kindle publishing article and anything you might want to share about the platform I didn’t mention. And if you haven’t read my debut novel, ALEX, the Kindle Number One Thrillers & Suspense Best Seller, you can find it on Amazon by clicking a cover below. If you dare, that is…

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