About Sidney Knight

Sidney Knight PhotoHi there, I’m Sidney Knight, author of my debut novel, ALEX, the Kindle #1 Thrillers & Suspense Best Seller.

Since I was a child I’ve always had a fascination with story telling in its many forms – especially novels. But over the years my creative activities somewhat faded. I guess life happened. I was thinking about paying bills, running a car, keeping a house – you know the stuff. I also married the love of my life. And that was, and still is, the best part.

Then, a few years ago, on some idle Sunday afternoon, a scene came to me. And soon after, for the first time in years, I found myself writing out this idea, drawing detail from its blurry form. The writing bug had crept back in.

I was hooked on this scene, this enigmatic character. I wanted to know more, what made him tick. I was thinking differently about story telling than when I was a boy. It wasn’t all plot now. I was interested in character. Beliefs, desires, psychology – the ‘human condition’.

I turned it to novel length, wanting to explore evil in the deepest way possible. I wanted to delve into a dark place untouched in mystery thriller fiction – an area of crime cropping up in newspapers at the time. I wanted to write the story I couldn’t find in bookshops.

After receiving some great feedback from friends and family I thought: Why don’t I just publish this thing? I didn’t want to lose the momentum I had gained – fishing around for an agent just didn’t appeal to me – so I got to work on publishing it myself. And the rest is history…

Of course, this makes the writing and publishing process sound ridiculously easy! I enjoyed it immensely, but it was no easy task. I’d set myself the goal of publishing a professional piece of work, and also set the sky as the limit for sales – and this meant understanding marketing. I had to learn a lot, and, make a lot of mistakes…

Which brings me to my blog – what it’s all about. It’s basically about one very simple thing: helping other indie authors with their own publishing journeys. I want to provide the kind of straightforward ebook publishing and marketing articles I had wanted to see when starting out. Believe me, I could have saved a lot of time – and frustration.

Of course, this blog isn’t just about indie author stuff. I also post news for readers about my own works, novels and free book promotions in the pipeline.

And that’s it. That’s everything in a very tight nutshell. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your stay, and please feel free to get in touch!

Alex Sidney Knight Amazon UK            Alex Sidney Knight Amazon US


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