Alex Chosen to Feature on Only 5 Star Review Books!

I’m delighted to announce that my debut mystery thriller novel, Alex, has been chosen to feature on Only 5 Star Review Books!

Since Alex has now received over 85 5 STAR reviews across Amazon UK and Amazon US, it has met the necessary criteria to appear on the website – exciting stuff! Continue reading


Ida & Lilly’s Reading Group Questions for Alex

WARNING: Though every care was taken to remove spoilers, the following could lessen your enjoyment of Alex. I would therefore recommend consuming the novel before you read on.

As promised in my previous article, here are the insightful questions a couple of my lovely readers came up with for Alex. I will shamefully admit once more that, prior to receiving the questions in my inbox, I had not produced any of my own. (If you’re interested in my lame excuses, you can scroll down to the next article.) Ida and Lilly have very kindly given me permission to post these questions here on my blog – which they originally produced for their local Reading Group – and have also given their blessing for them to be added to the back of the ebook. Hopefully I will get around to adding them very soon. Continue reading

A Big, Big Thank You to Two Alex Readers

Recently a couple of my readers, Ida and Lilly, emailed in to point out something I had forgotten to include at the back of Alex: Reading Group Questions. And they were absolutely right – I had forgotten all about writing them. (Working on my new novel and looking after my visiting in-laws at the moment is proving to be quite the juggling act!)

Ida and Lilly expressed that the novel should contain a Reading Group Questions section – which I of course, being a mere mortal, found ridiculously flattering. Seriously, it made my day. In the email, I then discovered they had included a number of questions they were going to use at a Reading Group they run, and that they wanted to know my thoughts. This made my week! Continue reading

A Short Word About New Novel…& Snow

Forgive me, but I just couldn’t help posting a photo of this beautiful white stuff – something of a rarity in England – which has blanketed much of the country in the space of just a few hours. This is currently the view from my study as I look to the foot of the garden.

The wonderful snowy scene outside my window

My feelings toward snow have somewhat changed over the years. When I was a boy, just the sight of this stuff fuelled a fire of excitement and joy as my palms and nose pressed against the window. Building fat snowmen would follow, as would launching a number of icy missiles into the faces of kin and friends – though I probably received more than I landed! Continue reading

Alex Available on 26th January from Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony, Kobo, & More…

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the holidays, festivities, and are looking forward to the year ahead as I am.

To get things started, here’s a bit of good news for any readers who haven’t yet read Alex.

For a long time now I’ve been distributing through one channel: Amazon. But after receiving a fair few emails from readers wanting to know why I was only offering Alex solely through this provider (I’m extremely flattered by the way!), I suddenly realised that maybe it was time I branched out a little. Continue reading

Weekend Email Woes…

Accidental email deletionYes, unfortunately I did this…

About a week ago I accidentally deleted my whole inbox, and since my email provider didn’t have a trash can, it looks like I won’t ever be seeing those messages again. Following the tragedy, I invested a good few days trying to recover them, but it looks like I’m just going to have to face the music. (I have now moved over to a much more robust email provider – Continue reading

A Good Start to the Day for Alex

After knocking back a cup of coffee this morning to kick-start my motor, I made my way to my usual 6:30am haunt: the study. After firing up my laptop and guzzling down the last lonely biscuit from the pack, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Alex was ranked at #84 in the UK Kindle Thriller chart, and was ranked at #94 in the Mystery chart too.

Alex in Kindle Charts

It was nice to see Alex high in the charts this morning – thanks so much readers!

It was nice to see Alex high in the charts this morning – thanks so much readers! Continue reading

A Quick ‘In-between-Articles’ Article

I will begin by admitting once again that, yes, I am terrible when it comes to getting around to updating this blog. I seem to find myself either writing or doing research for my new book most of the time, and so often seem to have half-written articles kicking about that evade getting published. And so to anyone who frequently follows my articles, you have my apologies. This may not be a problem for much longer, however, as I am currently working on developing a clone who will hopefully soon be able to write them for me… Continue reading